Mindfulness or Mindlessness?
Mindfulness or Mindlessness?

Mindfulness or Mindlessness?

You may have heard, since the mind seems to become still and empty of it’s normal chatter when we are engaged in a mindfulness practice then surely the term mindful (mind full) is inaccurate. It should be mindless!

As is my way, I look at it from a different angle. What if those saying that don’t have the complete picture of what a full mind means?

Photo by Levi Xu on Unsplash

Mindfulness has the capacity (if you get the right guidance) to help you let go of believing you are the drop of water, when in actuality, you are the ocean.

  • What if your mind is not the voice of meaningless chatter you contend with every day?
  • What if your mind is not just your intellectual banter?
  • What if the mind is bigger than the tiny part of it you identify with?
  • What if the true extent of your mind is obscured by the little voice and limiting beliefs of the ego* yet is big enough to hold the entire universe?

* Ego here, is defined as the part of your mind you identify with (mostly your beliefs about who you are). The spiritual side of your mindfulness practice is designed to uncover your core beliefs so you can let go of the limitations and access more of your True Nature.

A mindfulness practice that quietens the little-ego-mind so you can access your full mind of Divine comprehension cannot be called mindless.